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{WIP! only the VANILLA side of this article is even started!}

This is a glossary of all objects used in Celeste, separated into vanilla and modded entities.

Badeline Orbs

Badeline orbs are purple orbs that launch you [how many tiles?] into the air. Badeline Orbs appear in Reflection, The Summit, Core, and Farewell.


Binoculars are an entity that allow you to see the room outside of your usual FOV without needing to play the room, allowing you to prepare for the upcoming gameplay. Binoculars are able to be locked to go onto a set track as shown as shown in Flag 8 of The Summit A-Side, as well as being able to be limited so they can only see a limited amount of the room, as showcased in Farewell's j-16.


Blades are spinning squares with two silver points on each side that kill the player on contact. Blades can move back and forth between two points as well as spinning. These are found in Mirror Temple and The Summit.

Star Blades

Star Blades are a variant of Blades that look more like starfish than blades.


Torches are light sources that have two forms, Blue Torches which can be activated by touching them, and Yellow Torches which are constantly on. These are found in Mirror Temple and The Summit.


Boosters, also known as Bubbles, are round orbs that you can enter to be moved in one of eight directions either a short distance of [how many tiles?] in a green bubble, or however long there's space in a red bubble. You can also dash out of bubbles early, and use them as a dash equivalent for most simple tech like wallbounces and wavedashes, as well as dashing into it and within coyote time inputting a hyper for a bubble hyper. Boosters are found in Golden Ridge, Mirror Temple, The Summit, and Farewell.

Bounce Blocks

Bounce Blocks launch you a fair distance in one of many directions depending on your position on the block. Bounce Blocks are found in Core and Farewell.

Breaker Boxes

Breaker Boxes are boxes that, when dashed into one time, bounce you away similar to bumping into a Kevin, although you retain your dash. When you dash into it again, a white flash fills the screen for a split second before clearing out all of the Lighting in that room. These are found only in Farewell


Bumpers are blue (or red when in the Hot Core mode) that can bounce you away depending on where you hit it. When you hit a bumper while in the Hot Core mode, you die as it becomes similar to a spinner. These are found in Reflection, Core, and Farewell.

Cassette Blocks

Cassette Blocks are blue, pink, yellow, or green blocks that switch according to a rhythm. These blocks automatically replace the music for that room with a Cassette song, that automatically syncs itself to the rhythm of the song. These are found in every chapter.

Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes are floating Cassettes, which usually accompany Cassette Blocks. When you reach a Cassette Tape in a level, it usually unlocks the b-side for that level, although in some custom maps it's just there for the purpose of allowing full clears to show up in the journal. These are found in every chapter but Farewell.


Clouds are white or pink platforms that look like clouds, that bounce you extremely high. When you jump off a white cloud, nothing happens to it, but the pink cloud is fragile and will crumble immediately after jumping off. These are found in Golden Ridge, The Summit, Core, and Farewell.

Clutter Switches

Clutter Switches are jelly-like buttons that are used to clear out Clutter in Huge Mess. There can be 3 types, Books, Towels, and Chests. These are found exclusively in Celestial Resort's Huge Mess subchapter.

Core Switches

Core Switches are switches that hang in mid-air which can switch your Core mode, either to cold only, to hot only, or switch between them. These are found only in Core.

Crumble Blocks

Crumble Blocks are thin gray blocks that crumble with different timings depending on how you interact with it, longer when grabbing and shorter hitting it from above. When you jump off it after starting the interaction from above it crumbles immediately. These are found in all chapters.

Crystal Hearts

Dash Blocks

Dash Blocks are blocks that crumble when you dash into them. These can be in any tileset, and any size. These are found in every chapter.

Dash Switches

Dream Blocks

Dust Bunnies

Falling Platforms


Fire and Ice Balls

Holdable Barriers

Ice Balls

Ice/Lava Walls


Kevin Blocks

Kevin Smashable Blocks




Moon Blocks

Move Blocks

Moving Platforms



Rising/Falling Ice/Lava

Seeker Blocks


Shimmer Blocks





Starjump Blocks


Summit Flags

Swap Blocks

Switch Gates

Temple Gates

Touch Switch

Trigger Spikes

Wall Booster



Zip Mover