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List of All Tech (vanilla)

In Celeste, there are many techs that can be utilized/done. Tech can be any set or combination of inputs that produces a significant new result. Within the Celeste community, a difficulty rating system for maps and tech has been created to help group maps better. The order of these difficulties are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Grand master, Celestial, then TAS only. TAS only tech is tech with multiple frame perfect inputs, or other inputs regarded as humanly impossible. Within this list is the names of every currently known tech using the vanilla entities in the game with videos and explanations to help understand it better!

Tech is rated in difficulty in collabs based on where the tech appears in maps. Difficulty for tech is a hopeless endeavor so please do not add difficulty to the tech. The current tech list is separated to help with editing the pages, but once the pages are finished they will not be.

Completed pages

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Basics are the general building blocks of all other Tech. These also include Information (not tech).


  • Bunny Hopping
  • Fast Falling
  • Fast Bubbling


  • Dream Jump
  • Corner Jump
  • Wallbounce
  • Wavedash
  • Jelly Regrab
  • Jellyvator
  • Theo Regrab
  • Bubble Tech
  • Supers
  • Water Dash Preservation
  • Wall Slides


  • Neutrals
  • Mid-air Supers
  • Extended Supers/Hypers
  • Simple Spike Tech
  • Ultras
  • Block Boost
  • Cornerboost (CB)
  • Crouch Climb
  • Reverse Tech
  • Neutral Object Drops
  • Pufferfish/Bumper Boosts
  • Spiked Clouds
  • Basic Clips
  • Bound Warping
  • Wallbounce Leniency


  • Wallboosts
  • Overclocks
  • Hyper Bunny Hop
  • Dashless Cornerboosts
  • Momentum Transfers
  • Demos
  • Demo Hypers
  • Reform Tech
  • Dream hypers
  • Theovators
  • Slow Falling
  • Archie
  • Launch Dash Redirect
  • Corner Kick


  • Chained Ultras
  • Double Block Boosts (DBBs)
  • Max Distance Throwable Objects
  • Advanced Spike tech
  • Core Hypers
  • Retention Tech
  • Grounded Ultras (Gultras)
  • Reverse Corner Boost (RCB)
  • Dream Smuggling
  • Backwards Corner Boost
  • Diagonal Demo
  • Grab Neutrals
  • Dream Double Jumps (DDJ)
  • Feather Clip
  • Cassette Block Boosts
  • Throwable Neutrals/Climbs
  • Jellyfish Bump
  • Backboosts
  • Moonboost
  • Super Wave


  • Advanced Clips
  • Instant bunny hop (using theo)
  • Bino Storage
  • Cassette Raising
  • Ceiling Pops
  • Climbhop Entanglement
  • Climb Boost
  • Coyote Ultra
  • Dashbounce
  • Delayed Ultra (Dultra)
  • Double Bound Warp
  • Double Corner Boost (DCB)
  • Downwards Dream Smuggle
  • Grounded Wallboost
  • Half Stamina Climb
  • Jellyfish Duping
  • Jelly Laddering
  • Multiboosts
  • Throwable Dashes
  • Water Boost
  • Undemo
  • Double Ghost Blocks


  • 1 tile bunny hop
  • 9px Speed Conversion
  • 6 Tile Overhang
  • Downward Demo
  • Infinite Stall
  • Instant Delayed Ultra
  • Moon Boost Cornerboost?
  • Moon Spring Multiboost
  • Roboboost
  • Spike Climb
  • Wind walking
  • Crouch Spam Speed Loss (with 1 tile gap)
  • Crush jump infinite speed gain


- Squish Refill (getting a refill after being squished. Like a kevin squishing you into a wall and you getting squishwiggled to safety but also gaining dashes)

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